November 21, 2018 Bright

New Yeasts, New Beers: Non-GMO Technologies for New Beer Flavours (Part 2)

CONTROLLING YEAST | In the first part of this three-part article (BRAUWELT International No. 5, 2018, pp. 354-356), we outlined the enormous impact yeast has on the flavour and aroma profile of beer. In this second part, we discuss the variables and methods by which brewers can exert direct control over yeast during the brewing process. In the concluding article, we will examine the timehonoured, non-GMO classical development techniques by which new and exciting yeasts are being developed to help create whole new flavour and aroma profiles in beer.

OF ALL THE INGREDIENTS that contribute to a beer’s makeup, Saccharomyces yeast is quite simply the only one over which brewers have total control. While the selection and application of the right hops and malt is certainly important, in reality it is the farmer and maltster who ultimately control the growing conditions and final product quality of these ingredients. This means that brewers must put some faith into factors outside the brewery’s purview.

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Authors: Jason Hung, Associate Scientific Research Writer, Jessica Swanson, Lead Development Scientist, Scott Bohanna-Martin, Development Associate Brewer, Matthew Dahabieh, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Renaissance BioScience Corp., Vancouver, Canada